The simple action of inserting the check triggers the electronic printing no handles to pull or buttons to push Features: Security Dual Lock System Case Lock Security Lock Visual Counter Removable Die Holder Instantaneous Trip Reasonable Price Adjustable Guide Rugged Metal Case Brass Signature Plate

Widmer Electronic Check Signer S-3
Widmer Electronic Check Signer S-3
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Product Description

A very fast and efficient method of numbering and dating invoices, purchase orders and documents of all types. Eliminates the need for pre-numbered forms, and is a versatile and economical way to control your paperwork flow.

The insertion of the paper activates the trigger for split second stamping. A new, open throat allows greater accessibility, documents of letter size of small tickets may be inserted with ease.

The trigger can be adjusted to allow a selection of imprint locations. Another important feature - the stamping blow can be increased to penetrate carbonized forms, also pressure sensitive carbonless forms.

To Operate Simply plug in on ordinary AC lighting circuit. The numbers will advance automatically with each impression as well as the automatic ribbon.

Specifications Size: Height 7-1/4" Width 4-3/4" Depth 10" Weight 18 lbs Two-tone light & dark gray finish Power 115 Volt 60 HZ


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