Time Clocks need to be serviced once a year. The most important machine in your company is your time recorder. It protects your payroll one of the biggest expenses you have. Most of the modern time clocks do not need resetting after power failures or change month and date, so we forget about them until it's too late, the damage is done. Think about your time clock like your car you wouldn't go 15 ,000 miles without an oil change. Your time clock shouldn't go a year without service. The average time clock service call is under $150.00 small price to pay for something that works 365 days a year without a break.

This is a new year, so call or send in your time clock for service before it's too late to repair.I've been trained on time recorders by one of the best Mr.Joseph Tigro, He was employed by IBM (International Business Machine) for nine years. I have worked on time clocks from the late 1800's to the modern day Bio-Metric Hand & Finger Scan,Face Recognition, Swipe Badge systems and everything in between. If you have any questions Please call and I will help you find a solution to your problem. A lot of today's buying is done on the Web, but no one wants to help you after the sale.I give personal service to my customers because that's the way I was trained. Service after the sale! Repeat business and Word of mouth is the best way.I purchased American Time Recorders from Mr. Tigro in 1984 and have been running the business ever since. Now the Hand Punch Time Clocks are selling fast no more buddy punching, your hand is your time card no one can punch you in or out...ONLY YOU...

Ticking to Eternity The largest clock every built will keep time for 10,000 years

It sounds like Twilight Zone science fiction, but this is the real vision for the 10 000-Year Clock, a monument-size mechanical clock designed to measure the time for 10 millennia.

Danny Hillis, an electrical engineer with three degrees from MIT and who pioneered parallel supercomputers, dreamed up the project in 1995 to get people thinking more about the distant future. This clock, the flagship project of Hillis's Long Now Foundation, is a wonder of mechanical engineering. Over the course of its 10,000-year lifespan, it will be able to power itself enough to keep time, synchronize that timekeeping with the sun, and randomly generate unique melodies on its chimes so that visitors will never hear the same tune twice. And it will do so entirely without electricity.

It will be the largest clock ever built with gears mounted in a 500-foot-tall, 12-foot-wide vertical shaft. A huge, 10,000-pound weight hangs 200 feet down the shaft, powering the timepiece for up to 10,000 years without human assistance. The clock will tick at one-tenth the speed of a regular clock, which should help its gears, bearings, and other components last for a very long period of time. And rather than having a 12-hour face, the clock will display the positions of the stars on a black globe, surrounded by dials showing the year, the positions of the sun and moon, and other astronomical data.

Although the budget for the Texas project has not been officially disclosed, a recent article in Wired put it at $42 million. With funding from Jeff Bezos, the billionaire founder of Amazon.com, three teams of engineers in San Francisco, Seattle, and Texas have been working through the complexities of the design, including how to keep the clock ticking and how to ensure that its components will hold up through the millennia.

The question was also where to put it. The team knew they wanted somewhere remote, to enhance the experience and because cities are so vulnerable to the ravages of war. They also figured it needed to be underground to have a shot at lasting for millennia, but not so far down that it would be below the water table. This meant putting it inside a mountain.

In order for future visitors to reach the site, their journey will unfold as they enter the mountain, snake through tunnels, and climb up the spiral staircase past the clock gears. Finally, the visitors will arrive at the chosen spot, where they will wind the chime generator and hear the bells ring.

Recently a construction crew in Texas has been blasting and digging through a limestone mountain, located on land owned by Bezos, to create the tunnel. In Washington State, engineers at Seattle Solstice are refining a giant stonecutting robot that will eventually be shipped to Texas and deployed inside the mountain, to etch the spiral staircase directly into the rock.

To learn more about this clock copy and paste this link: http://www.10000yearclock.net/learnmore.html


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