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Big Business Efficiency at a Small Business Price - Designed for small businesses with up to 50 employees (expandable to 150 employees with purchase of additional employee blocks), Lathem's PayClock EZ PC-100 automatically calculates total worked hours including overtime. The system consists of an attractive badge reader terminal and easy-to-use Windows-based time and attendance software. Employees clock in and out at the terminal with reusable credit card style badges. Payroll data can be printed to reports from your PC and interfaced directly into your payroll software. Standard payroll interfaces include ADP, Paychex, QuickBooks and more! PayClock EZ PC-100 takes care of the time consuming and error-prone process of tracking time and attendance so you don't have to.


Expandable up to 6 users from standard single user system *

Supports up to 50 employees (expandable to 150) *

Local area network compatible with multi-user upgrades *

Calculates payable hours including 3 levels of overtime *

Tracks sick, vacation, holiday and personal time off *

Works with all pay periods; weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, monthly and custom periods *

Calculates time to the exact minute, or rounds time to the nearest 1/14 or 1/10 of an hour *

Supports employee grouping in up to 50 user-definable departments *

Clock memory is backed up for 10 years *

Reusable credit card" style badges replace paper time cards *

Provides over 14 informative management reports including an Employee Time Card, Employee Details, Employee Totals, Department Totals and more! *

Includes a powerful custom report designer *

Custom payroll interfaces available *

Kit includes everything: clock, software, 25 badges, 25' communications cable and mounting hardware *

Made in the USA *

1 year warranty


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