The most advanced time, date, document stamp on the planet! Revolutionary two-line printing Insert your document only once and print 2 lines in less than 1.3 seconds with the LT5000 patented 2-line single insertion printing! Each print line can be configured independently with custom text or text and time/date and numbering options per line. Set up to 4 different custom print-sets and select which print-sets to stamp by using the LT5000's quick selector buttons. Select print-sets on the fly, or program print-sets schedules.

LT5000 Time, Date, Numbering Document Stamp Refurbished
LT5000 Time, Date, Numbering Document Stamp Refurbished
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Product Description

The flexibility of customized printing like no other document time stamp The LT5000 lets you completely customize text, comments, numbering, date and time and print these formats on up to 2 lines.

All of these can be set up as four different print-sets and quickly printed choosing A-D selector buttons on the device.

Your custom print-sets are easily configured online by you when logging into your secure account at

Even customize the date and time to fit your exact needs including 4-digit years, 24 hour or 1-12 AM/PM , regular minutes, tenth of an hour and even seconds.

For unique document identification, a programmable 8-digit number can be appended to any print set and configured to advance and repeat based on your requirements. Once you have configured or made changes to your custom print-sets online, just download them to a standard USB flash drive, plug the flash drive into the LT5000 and you are ready to go. It is that simple.


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