Prints automatic, just push the time card or form in and it prints. Month, Date, AM-PM Hours and 0 to 59 minutes (regular) minutes.

Lathem 4001 Automatic Print refurbished-All Steel Wheels
Lathem 4001 Automatic Print refurbished-All Steel Wheels
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Lathem 4001 Automatic Print refurbished-All Steel Wheels
With a large, easy to read an analog clock face, steel case, and key lock, the 4000 can be mounted securely to a wall or tabletop. Its two-color ribbon self-reverses at the end of the spool for longer life, and can easily be changed. Works with all standard time cards. The 4000 is fully guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship for 1-year. UL approved. Made with pride in the USA.


* The unit's rugged design can withstand high-volume use or harsh environments.

* The heavy-duty synchronous motor ensures time accuracy.

* The precision coined steel type wheels offer smooth reliable operation.

* The two-color ribbon self-reverses at end of spool for longer life.

* The large analog clock display is easy to read even from a distance.

* The steel case and key-lock provide a durable and tamper-proof installation.

* Prints the month, date and time in large easy-to-read characters.

* Works with all standard right-hand time cards. * Mounts conveniently on a wall or table. * Fully guaranteed for one year against defects in material or workmanship.

* Made with pride in the USA. * Ensures compliance with Federal Wage and Hour Laws. * Tracks employee time for payroll. * Tracks task time for accurate job costing. * UL and CSA approved.


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