Meet The All NEW TotalPass Small Business Premium Biometric Lightning fast, the TotalPass B600 Biometric time clock introduces an all-new, technologically advanced line of products to the Icon Time Systems family. Top 5 Key totalpass market Differentiators| Maximize Market Reach 1. NEW! Plug & play Wi-Fi functionality; Import utility to ease new customer migration path to TotalPass time clocks and free Email Alerts upgrade 2. Reach all OS platform users: Windows, iOS, Linux 3. Reach all network environments: Native USB, Network, Web and Wi-Fi 4. Reach all small business sizes: Up to 500 employee capacity as stand-alone system or network up to 32 TotalPass biometric and proximity time clocks 5. Reach all employee needs: Custom PIN, Proximity, Biometric with back-up camera verification, Web Punch for remote employees with GPS verification when used with smart phones

Total Pass B600 BioMetric
Total Pass B600 BioMetric
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Product Description

Total Pass B600 BioMetric
Next Generation Technology TotalPass B600- Biometric®

Fingerprint + Photo Backup = 100% Employee Verification

Eliminates “Buddy-Punching”

Fingerprint technology and photo backup for 100% employee verification

No monthly fee – everything you need is in the box

Patented self-enrollment

Turnkey labor reports

Data secured inside the clock

Free exports

Multiple entry options for employees Same Price| More Value Effective immediately, the all-new TotalPass Small Business Premium Time Clocks will come standard with plug and play wireless functionality, in addition to current USB, Network, and Remote connectivity options, —making the TotalPass product line unmatched in technology, scalability and market value.

The TotalPass B600- Biometric supports the next generation of biometric fingerprint and camera technology.

All The Software Is On The Clock With no software to install and all the functionally built right into the time clock, there is never a monthly fee and setup is a breeze.

Self-enrollment Technology

New patent-pending self-enrollment technology.

Verify Failed Biometric Entry

The TotalPass B600- biometric verify 100% attendance with a built-in wide-angle camera that captures failed biometric entries with a backup photograph — Authenticates and alerts the manager of a failed employee punch/ IN/OUT. Exports Seamlessly

Exports seamlessly to a CSV file and these popular payroll programs: QuickBooks Pro, Premiere and Enterprise, ADP desktop software, and Paychex Online Payroll. Free API available, to create custom exports.

Multiple Entry Methods

PIN, proximity, biometric and web punch.

Product Highlights System can accommodate 500 employees and 24-time clocks connected over LAN, WAN, VPN, or Internet, or can be Managed as stand-alone clock USB Flash Drive option for creating backup of time clock data

Web Punch Entry licenses included

Increased processing speed – 1-Ghz

Email Alerts - Before overtime, punch log, and failed fingerprint scan.

Connection Options: Network (LAN/WAN) via Ethernet Remote over Internet via Ethernet Ethernet direct to PC, Mac or Linux USB direct to PC QuickBooks Plug-in, ADP Export and Paychex Online Payroll

System Requirements: Any device that uses a Web browser: PC, Mac®, Tablet, iPhone®, Tablet, Android, Smart Phone Web Browser Compatibility: Internet Explorer Firefox Chrome Safari


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