Purchase a New Face Recognition Biometric Employee Time Clock and Get PayClock Time & Attendance Software FREE for 3 Months! Create a Healthy Workplace Environment with FaceIN – touch free, hygienic face recognition employee time clock. Because of COVID-19 and the potential impact on businesses in the future, companies are changing the way they manage employee time & attendance and how their employees punch in & out for work. Changes that help protect the health and safety of their workers. From establishing remote (WFH) work from home employee timekeeping management to enhancing protocols for hygiene in the workplace using touch less, contact-free face recognition time clock systems.

Lathem CT74  New Face Recognition Biometric Time Clock
Lathem CT74 New Face Recognition Biometric Time Clock
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Lathem CT74  New Face Recognition Biometric Time Clock
Lathem's face recognition biometric time clocks work seamlessly with Lathem’s PayClock® Online time clock software, so you can access and manage employee time to quickly process payroll - anytime, anywhere.

Through your Ethernet connection to the Web, CloudTouch time clocks instantly deliver employee data to PayClock Online. If you ever lose Internet connectivity at your facility, no worries - the time clock automatically switches to offline mode letting employees clock-in/out and use other functions while storing transactions until the Internet connection becomes available again.


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