Prints Day of Week,AM-PM Hours and 0-59 minutes. Functional Construction Featuring a black steel exterior, this heavy-duty time clock is built to last. Count on it to hold up to harsh working conditions and constant use by many employees in high-volume facilities. The large analog clock is highly legible, ensuring that employees can see exactly what time it is, even from a distance.

Lathem 2121 New In Box...FREE SHIPPING...
Lathem 2121 New In Box...FREE SHIPPING...
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Product Description

Lathem 2121 New In Box...FREE SHIPPING...
Punch card; cool gray color; unlimited employees; all types of pay periods pay period

Durable construction and large, analog clock face

Tough steel exterior and lock and key keep the clock secure and free from tampering

Compatible with all standard right-hand time cards for convenience;

clearly prints the day of week and time in two legible colors

Printing can be reversed between right and left hand; automatic self-reversing mechanism prolongs the two-color ribbon lifespan

Desk- or wall-mount for flexible and convenient placement

No batteries required; uses heavy-duty motor for accurate timekeeping

Selectable language format: English, French, Spanish

1-year manufacturer limited warranty

Accurate Performance

This time clock doesn't require batteries, instead utilizing a heavy-duty synchronous motor that provides consistent accuracy.

Reduce maintenance costs thanks to this clock's self-reversing two-color printing ribbon mechanism.

Print the exact time and day of the week in large, easy-to-read characters so the payroll department can input data quickly and efficiently.


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