Built for trouble free operation Lathem analog wall clocks have fine brass movements that provide silent, trouble-free operation. Attractive and easy to read, Lathem analog wall clocks are available in a variety of faces, sizes and mounting styles. Choose from a variety of wall clocks that feature high, quality glass lens (shatterproof Lexan is optional) and heavy gauge steel casings.

Lathem 12" Analog Wall Clock 24 volt
Lathem 12" Analog Wall Clock 24 volt
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Lathem 12" Analog Wall Clock 24 volt
Analog wall clocks with style and options While the 12 inch round case is standard in surface mount, semi-flush or double face mounts, other sizes are available. Clock guards are available in two sizes. Hidden stem sets are mounted behind the case top to prevent tampering.

Shape: 12" Round

Face: Arabic (1-12 or 0-23)

Color: Charcoal Gray

Mounting Styles: Semi-Flush, Surface 12" or Double (Ceiling or Wall)

Correction: Manual for Independent, Hourly and 12 Hourly for SS, or Hourly (12 Hourly optional)

for ISC Motor Input Voltage: 115V AC for Independent, 115V AC (24V AC optional) for SS 60Hz (50Hz optional) for Independent and SS Motor Input Frequency: 4 Watts (8 Watts for Double Clock) for Independent and SS Motor Input Power: 115V AC (24V AC or 24V DC optional) for SS, 24V DC min., 36V DC max. for ISC Coil Input Voltage: 60Hz (50Hz or V DC optional) for SS Coil Input Frequency: 5.4 Watts for 115V AC SS Type; 3.5 Watts for 24V AC & 24V DC SS Type; 0.7 Watts for 24V DC ISC Type Coil Input: Power cord set for independent, polarized quick disconnect connector plug with socket pins. Connector: Mating female connector is provided with approximately 18 inches of wiring for SS and IS.

12 Round Surface Mount / 15 Round Surface Mount

Dial Dimensions: 12.12 x diameter Outside Dimensions: 14.5 x diameter Overall Projection from Wall: 3.87 Center of Clock Below Center of Outlet Box: 4.62 Synch. Ship. Wt. (lbs.): 9.5


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