ACROPRINT-C-72 Guard Clock 72-hour watchman's clock

ACROPRINT-C-72 Guard Clock 72-hour watchman's clock
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Product Description

C-72 Guard Clock 72-hour watchman's clock

The C-72 guard clock provides an economical and easy to use system for security personnel patrols. C-72 at a glance


Accountable The C-72 guard clock assures that security personnel make their appointed rounds at prescribed times and that they check all the necessary areas. Each clock supports up to 30 stations, and the key print mechanism records each key station location and time. *

Secure This watchman's clock provides a tamper-proof record of patrol. The C-72 has a secure double casing lock to protect against tampering, and records each time the case is opened. *

Accurate The long-life precision quartz movement records patrol times accurately, while the clock face display is easy to read. *

Rugged A shock-resistant mounting and case provide high impact protection and stand up to the demands of potentially harsh conditions. The sturdy ABS molded key stations are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. *

Convenient Security guards can patrol without interruption over a long holiday weekend, thanks to the clock's 72-hour disk.


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