Time, date and numbering stamp for important documents The LT Series provides an excellent way to stamp important documents with dates, times, numbers, and other customer-specific information. An essential business tool that helps you keep track of incoming mail, legal documents, freight bills and customer pick-ups, invoices and payments, or any other time-sensitive documents. The LT Series Stamps are designed to stand up to years of heavy, day-in, day-out usage and remain maintenance free. Six Month guarantee.

Lathem LT- Time Stamp
Lathem LT- Time Stamp
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Product Description

Lathem LT- Time Stamp
Impact resistance case with tamper-proof lock.

Optional "electric lockout" security switch available, allowing access to authorized personnel only.

Optional easy-to-read digital display available on any LT which prints time.

Comes in standard (1-12) hour displays with AM/PM and minutes or continental (0-23) hours with minutes.

Adjustable trigger assembly positioning allows 2" forward or backward print registration area adjustment.

Optional fixed or adjustable paper guides provide a fixed edge for a quick and accurate left to right document positioning.

Variable stamping impact allows you to print on 1-5 part multiple copy forms (depending on form quality).

Metal type wheels provide crisp registrations. All other internal parts are constructed of steel to provide years of trouble-free service.

Other features include variable stamping impact, long life print wheels and an impact-resistant case with tamper-proof lock.


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