Super-bright LED light for easy viewing The 1600E employee time clock's large LCD display shows date, time and day of the week and a bright LED light illuminates the Tru-Align print area for easy viewing. With a sleek compact design and small footprint, the 1600E mounts easily to wall or can be used on a table top.

Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Atomic Time Clock
Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Atomic Time Clock
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Product Description

Lathem 1600E Tru-Align Atomic Time Clock
The versatility of an employee time clock or document stamp.

As a time clock, the 1600E records employees' in and out times for payroll processing.

As a job clock it can track project time for accurate costing.

And as a document stamp, the 1600E can print the date, time and preset messages on important documents.

Includes over 200 different time, date and comment print formats available and with an easy to change ribbon cartridge the 1600E is very low maintenance.

Tru-Align™ perfect punch every time

Tru-Align™ provides fast printing and exact print alignment. Using the optional Tru-Align compatible time cards, the Tru-Align technology senses when the printer is aligned correctly with the proper space on the time card and only then will it automatically trigger an imprint.

This guarantees that your employees make the perfect-punch on their time cards every time.

The whisper-print technology delivers extremely quiet time card punches and printing. Prints date and messages and time in AM/PM or 24HR format including seconds.


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